Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ft. Pierce, FL Fashion Portraits - I love my seester!

So we went down to Ft. Pierce for Labor Dabor Weekend & got to meet with Clinton & Fish to show them the final album designs and our wedding album as well, which is the same kind we're getting for our clients now. We are soooo excited to make it for them! Whee!

It turned out Felicia felt sick as a dog so we weren't able to do her photoshoot in her weddin' dressin's. Naturally I was a teensy bit bummed, but lo and behold Kasey Rene Coleman loves me and came to my rescue. She put on her Senior Prom Poufer Pink Princess Dress, let me fix her hair in sweet curls, sported some converse all-stars, hot blue eyeshadow, and fancy jewelry and we had us some good times!

I also just started playing more in big girl photoshop using some neat tools I found. I'm pretty happy with the results!

CHecK it OuT!


This is my most favorite photo of the day!


the dark mysterious version... with a smile!

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