Wednesday, February 11, 2009

editing editing editing...

So lately, with it being winter and all, I've been spending less time taking photos and more time editing! Today I felt under the weather and just like me, even though I was home sick from work, I couldn't stand not to get something done!

So today I edited pics from Jocelyn & Jeremy's wedding and my work friend Virginia & Chris' wedding (my poor friends have to wait so long!) since I'm caught up on the business work! Check out Jocy & Jeremy's full ceremony shots here. You just can't compare to that Colorado beauty! I can't wait to get started on their formals & reception shots! It was a really good time!

Virginia & Chris' wedding we attended as guests, but of course, couldn't resist an opportunity to hone our skills, use our new Metz flash, and get some great pics! You can see their whole slideshow here. See the post below for some pics with more pizzazz.

It's getting warmer, so that means more weddings! We're very excited to be getting so many inquiries this year and already are booked for three weddings this spring! We have another potential wedding or two this fall and it's exciting to see the business slowly start to grow. Of course, there is always more equipment to buy and we're really hoping to get to attend a conference or retreat perhaps by the end of the year.

Thanks for checking in & look for updates more and more in the coming months!

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