Friday, July 03, 2009

New Books! Gainesville, FL Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited about my new gallery style book offerings! These are perfect for displaying your engagement photos at your wedding and doubling for a guest book that you know you'll look at again and again! They come in several sizes, my favorite is the 8.5x11 horizontal for the guestbook, pictured here:

I'm also able to make duplicates of the larger albums with these books for your family share albums. Check out how wonderful they look as they lay flat and have the tiniest gap between their perfectly lined up pages!

Both books have the option of getting a leatherette, fabric, or photo cover. The gallery guest book starts out with 20 pages and the family share duplicate also with 20 pages. You can also order a wedding gallery book with 20 pages. This is a more traditional minimalist design book with photos on a white background and images tastefully arranged on the layout.

Hope you enjoy and hit me up on the email to find out more about our portrait & wedding services! :-)

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  1. Love your new albums Jemma - can't wait to bring a bride to you and see what amazing work you churn out! : )


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