Friday, October 02, 2009

Gainesville Wedding Expo! Gainesville FL Wedding Photographer

This past Sunday was the Gainesville Wedding Expo put on by Jay's Bridal. We were thrilled to be able to represent ourselves at such a fabulous event. What is a "wedding expo"? Basically it is a gathering of wedding related vendors all in one place for brides and grooms and moms and dads and maids and men and ... well you get the point. We're all there together for your shopping convenience!

So there we were, me (JEMMA!) and my fabulous friend Jill who agreed in all her eight-months-pregant-glory to assist me that day in flagging down brides as they zipped and zoomed through the maze of vendors enticing them with truffles and lemonade and a free engagement session giveaway!

Everyone LOVED the truffles my pal Jake made (I know, I've been trying to convince him to go into biznaz for them....) and were refreshed by the lemonade we had to offer. yum! We had on display some of our favorite photos and our fabulous flush mount and coffee table albums were on our other table.

Lucky for us we were right next to the fabulous {U}nique Designs, a wonderfully creative invitation and other fabulous paper goods studio. They had such a useful and chic display, isn't it something? yes those are little shelves protruding out perfectly to display all the goods.

here is my girl Kenya from Unique Designs feeling the "heels all day? um... brb!" and also managing to be very fly at the same time... ;-) of course.

here's my lovely assistant Jill, looking rockin' in her polka dot dress and turquoise wedges. she totally went all out for me.

Me in my yellow dress that I took FOREVER to find, but it ended up being perfect! You can sort of see my new snazzy shoes I'm wearin'. What you can clearly see is my flip flop in the background!! haha! Yeah, I may have been wearing those for a lot of the day.... um, just sayin'. I'm planning to post a little more shoe love as well as about my handmade belt later on this week. Did I mention I'm into craftsiness?

both of our amazing shoes for you shoe lovers out there...

The preparation for this event was quite the whirlwind. Since it was my first wedding expo, and because my lovely husband happened to be out of town on a mountain biking trip he'd had planned for a year, and I signed up for the show only three weeks before (lucky me!) I had a LOT to get together in a LITTLE amount of time. If you know me, you know I'm very much into details, so it was an all out shopping-and-returning-fest the weeks leading up to the show. I was really stoked with how it all came together.

One of my last purchases and probably the most fun to put together were my flowers! I whipped up these little bouquets just before the show started after getting the blooms the night before at Fresh Market. So much fun to do, and really not that difficult!

And this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't also mention my lovely pals at MasterPiece Weddings Here is Erinn, Kari (helping out Unique Designs that day) and Amanda (who does great modern calligraphy).

especially fabulous Melissa who was nice enough to tell me about the event and how to get involved. You rock Melissa! (Apparently, she knows this... just look at her!)

Whoever won their wedding planning package for the day is one lucky duck. Well, that about does it. Stay tuned for some wedding-y inspired-y blog posts in the near future!

Check out the whole album of photos on our facebook page!

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  1. Wow! The expo looked so fun. Thanks for sharing jemma :) I was excited to see the photo of Amanda. What a small world. We go way back to third grade!


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