Monday, September 29, 2008

Gainesville, FL Maternity Photos - Pam & Jon's Peanut

Pam & Jon are also great friends of David & I and I am super excited to share these photos of the maternity family shoot. PJ were so fun to work with of course because they're awesome and you can totally see it in the fo toes. :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gainesville, FL Maternity Photos - dicus behbeh

So I got to post about one best friend's wedding... and now a post about another best friend's baby! Heather & Justin are expecting sometime around the 2nd of October, which is in like - A WEEK! So, before the little gift comes, we needed to get a few shots of her all wrapped up. Here are a few of Heather, Justin, & Baby Girl Dicus, or maybe I will call her BGD. Fun game... see how many cool names you can come up with for BGD.

Bernadette Gertrude Dicus is NOT cool. So keep thinking.

so this isn't belly-ful, but I think they're cute!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


david (husband) and i decided we needed an "us" thing to do on a regular basis. here is the first of our series of weekly self-portraits. might add a few more later, so check back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lyons, Colorado Wedding Photography - Jocy got married!

Soooo, we just got back from Colorado and are totally pooped! Nevertheless, the instant editing frenzy bug caught me and I couldn't help but play with some of the photos! Here are some pics to tease!

Also, it should be noted that David deserves the credit for almost every one of these shots!

Love, Jemma

p.s. if you right-click and choose view image, you'll see the full size & it won't look as pixel-y. I have to figure that out...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ft. Pierce, FL Fashion Portraits - I love my seester!

So we went down to Ft. Pierce for Labor Dabor Weekend & got to meet with Clinton & Fish to show them the final album designs and our wedding album as well, which is the same kind we're getting for our clients now. We are soooo excited to make it for them! Whee!

It turned out Felicia felt sick as a dog so we weren't able to do her photoshoot in her weddin' dressin's. Naturally I was a teensy bit bummed, but lo and behold Kasey Rene Coleman loves me and came to my rescue. She put on her Senior Prom Poufer Pink Princess Dress, let me fix her hair in sweet curls, sported some converse all-stars, hot blue eyeshadow, and fancy jewelry and we had us some good times!

I also just started playing more in big girl photoshop using some neat tools I found. I'm pretty happy with the results!

CHecK it OuT!


This is my most favorite photo of the day!


the dark mysterious version... with a smile!

Gainesville, FL Wedding Photography - Dan & Sereen

Ok... so I have to share a few pics... more to come. Dan & Sereen had a super wedding a few weeks ago and I just love some of these silhouette & blur shots... more info later too.


Well this is in focus & not dark, but I thought it was very sweet too.