Monday, October 25, 2010

New blog! Go win stuff!

It's time to move over to the new blog! To kick of the week, jc{P} is giving away a custom script hanger by Lila Frances! As a wedding photographer, I practically swooned upon the discovery of these beauties. Nothing makes a beautiful wedding gown sing more than when hung on one of these! One of my brides, Shanna, who got married this spring had one for her wedding. Check it out below:

Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

You can have these custom made with any name or word up to 14 characters! I bought one for my sister-in-law and gave it to her at her bridal shower. She loved it.

So today I am giving one away to one of you lucky readers! Just leave a comment on this post! And even if you aren’t getting married, these hangers would look great in a child’s room or in your lingerie section of the wardrobe!;)Or maybe you know someone getting married who would love this as a gift! In any case, enter away!!

But you have to go to the NEW BLOG to do it! So go go go!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday Monday....

On Monday you can say goodbye to this blog. It's obviously not being used much anymore. I thought it was about time to retire it. We're starting a new life down in Jupiter, FL and sometimes a new life means letting old things go!

Never fear though - something new fabulous and awesome is a-coming to replace it and it's even updated! Can you imagine!!?? ;-) What could it be?

Friday, July 09, 2010

Why no post in so long?

Hello world!

Just a little note to say we're still here, still very much alive, still very much in business, and still very much wanting to connect with you all! The thing is, this blogging stuff has been on the back burner. I promise it is for a really good reason!

"But I want to see your pretty pictures!!!" Alright already! In lieu of blog posts, we've been keeping our facebook page updated with our latest photographs and work. Please visit!!

And here's one to hold you til you can clickity click your way over. Shanna and her BROseph.

There's also been much ado at jc{P} in the last six months and we're excited to be doing some unveiling soon. Keep your eye out for jc{P} updates, new products, new services, maybe a promotion, did someone say, "moving sale"?

Just make sure you put your eye back in, k? Oh and wash your hands first.