Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gainesville, FL Newborn Photography - Abigail Dicus is here!

**Update** Her name is Abigail. :-)

Heather's water broke at about 4:30am yesterday morning. She was having contractions all day yesterday and after I got off from work and had gotten some dinner & a minute with David, I stopped by the hospital. Despite all Heather's contractions, there wasn't much progress in dilation. I went home to get some sleep & told them I'd come back when it got closer. I got a call this morning about 4:25am that she was at 10cm and would be starting to push soon! I got up, grabbed a Dew and a CLIF bar and headed to the hospital. I got there in plenty of time to watch Heather & Justin welcome their baby girl into the "outside". :-) They haven't settled on a name just yet, but we've all settled on the fact that she's here and is a keeper for sure. Here are a few shots of the sweet girl!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gainesville, FL Family Portraits - Some more of our "extended" family

The last several years, David and I have been lucky enough to be included in UF Football Tailgating with the Ezell's and the Presser's. They always make us feel at home and many a time brought us along to the game when we didn't have tickets. Here are some family photos of the bunch. :-)